Crafting a modern pop-art ambiance for a restaurant in today’s landscape can pose its challenges. The concept behind this ramen establishment, centered around customizable packaged ramen from various corners of the world, may seem deceptively simple, akin to a gathering at a friend’s mom’s house or a Mongolian BBQ experience. However, we aimed to transcend expectations and justify the elevated price tag by giving the space a vibrant, energetic atmosphere—a fusion of an Americanized Japanese aesthetic, boldness, and chaos that breaks the mold without becoming cliché. The result is a bright, lively environment that immerses guests in an unapologetically in-your-face dining experience, redefining the ramen scene while maintaining its essence.

ClientRamen! RestaurantServicesArt Direction, Branding, Design, MerchYear2021

Custom Menu

Elevating the clipboard menu concept, we have this custom built board incorporates pen and a pair of chopsticks, ingeniously designed to securely hold the menu in place. This innovative approach allows patrons to swiftly make their selections and place their orders with minimal interaction.

The Brand

Speakeasy feel with a pop-art touch

Infusing the speakeasy concept with a captivating pop art flare, the striking ambiance act as a beacon, guiding patrons towards an exciting and hidden culinary experience, while also creating an enigmatic allure that sparks curiosity among newcomers. With its distinctive IFYKYK vibe, people feel like they’re stepping into something secret and hip.

A modern take on pop art

Although customers create their own culinary journey at the table, guests are greeted by a captivating video menu that exudes a modern and refined artistic essence, setting the tone for a truly personalized culinary experience. This immersive visual presentation gives a modern take on pop art repetition.


Balsy(get it?) We know. But we also know how important it is to give your customers something to talk about and rep outside the restaurant to spread the word and we knew the  meme “send noods” just wasn’t going to cut it.

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