Lookbook for an organic handmade clothing line inspired by the dustbowl era.

ClientKaitlyn ClaireServicesVideo ProductionYear2022

⸺ Creative Brief

Highlight strong independent women wearing hand crafted clothing, melding organic fabrics and earthtones.

⸺ Concept Development

Through direct collaboration with the designer, we crafted a concept that perfectly captured the aesthetic of her new line, emphasizing organic materials and incorporating raw imagery to evoke a distinct visual allure.

⸺ Storyboarding

Drawing inspiration from the evocative Dust Bowl era, we curated a captivating moodboard centered around iconic figures like Dorothea Lange and Woody Guthrie.

⸺ Location Scouting

Nestled in Long Island we stumbled upon a garlic farm we thought would be perfect for our shoot. Not only did we capture fantastic shots, but we also got to take home some aromatic garlic.

⸺ Production

Styled by Helen Anstis
HMU by Lauren Pinkleton

⸺ Effects

Our objective was to achieve a blend of old-world charm and contemporary flair. With a subdued color palette, we sought to evoke the nostalgic essence of colorized vintage photographs, creating a unique fusion of the past and the present.