Art Director

Spencer Wohlrab

Everyone is looking for a rockstar art director, but no one ever stops to think about if they’re looking for a Morrisey, or a Cobain.

Are you looking for someone who only thinks their work is great because they created it, or someone that is going to disrupt and change the industry and resent what it turned into? Somewhere in between the spirit of Darby Crash and Hank Williams, I sit at the intersection of instigation and pioneering. With over 10 years of experience as a visual storyteller, I have consistently pushed the boundaries of how we consume media, bringing a unique perspective and reshaping the artistic landscape.

Throughout my career, I have made it my mission to challenge norms and redefine creative possibilities. From developing innovative campaigns to crafting captivating visuals, I thrive on disrupting the status quo and driving meaningful change in the industry. My accomplishments as an artist include pushing boundaries, pioneering new techniques, and creating thought-provoking work that challenges conventional thinking. I bring a unique perspective and a rebellious spirit to every project, striving to leave a lasting impact on both the brand and the audience.


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