Branding, content strategy and a fresh UX to help people find and interact with their favorite brunch and  happy hour spots.


Last Light Productions




Content Strategy

Bringing you the ideal home of American-made modern luxury powered by WooCommerce, we partnered with U&H, who delivered the new brand proposition and design creativity.

Tres Cantinas doesn’t just help Los Angelinos the best tacos, 3C helps you find a good time. Whether you’re looking for happy hour, live music, or simply the most talked about tacos, 3C is a social hub for all the happenings. From the moment you start salivating over the loading screen, you’ll be hungry and energized with this fresh UX.

Start by selecting a theme or dive straight into the calendar of todays events. The map is  only a click away to find whats closest and a convenient social hub helps you easily, share, save, or call for reservations.

Fresh, Fun, Light, & Boozy!

Inspired by good times and targeting the brunch crowd, we pulled inspiration from the colors of Baja and SoCal aura and food, keeping a light and fresh palette. A mixture of Palm Springs sky and Sayulita handprinted signs gives Tres Cantinas a fun vibe that calls for good times!

Pantone® 532 C
C71 M65 Y64 K72

C45 M4 Y35 K0

C06 M75 Y75 K00